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Business law (corporate and commercial law)

GAETAN VAN ELDER & ASSOCIATES  assists companies and enterpreneurs during different key moments in their professional evolution and advises them on the legal and fiscal consequences.
During  the birth of the activity of the company, its capitalisation, the financing in the choice of the manager to adopt when the company is founded, the drafting of these conditions of functioning and the appointing of the bodies.
During the acquisition of an activity or professional goods – and their financing – if it is the direct way (business capital, line of business, universality, IP) or through action of the company which performs a targeted activity.
GAETAN VAN ELDER & ASSOCIATES advises his clients in recurring operations (input in all types, acquisation, transfer, financing and their formal implications : reports, conflict of interest rules, minutes) but also in the context of more complex and strategic operations like acquisitions, delokalizations, investments, restructurations (merger, demerger, partial demerger,…) capital reduction, share buy-back.
He is also next to his clients in the event of difficulties, dissolution and liquidation of the company.
GAETAN VAN ELDER & ASSOCIATES accompanies his clients in the process of commercial contracts (leases, contracts of service delivery, management, transfer of business capital, non-compete, loan, credit, contracts concerning intellectual or industrial property… ), partnerships (joint venture, momentary association, G.I.E… factual association) and in the context of consensual securities (mortgage, pledge on business good will, security,…)
He advises his clients in light of their responsibility as directors on the level of prevention and ways of limitation of the consequences in order to protect the private patrimony (nature of the company and statutes to adopt, not seizable goods, marriage settlement).

He assists his clients in the context of the preventive or judicial resolution of conflicts between shareholders (retreat, exclusion, dissolution, abuse of majority, of minority…) social representatives and company directors.

GAETAN VAN ELDER & ASSOCIATES  had a strong expertise in shareholders agreements  (clauses organizing the power, division of profit, disposal of securities, resolving conflicts) and statutes.

He has a big experience in transferring family companies. When it concerns structuration and planning of this tranfser, the implementation and follow-up of a legal and fiscal point of view.

GAETAN VAN ELDER & ASSOCIATES  advises his clients on all  M&A-operations: acquisition of companies, merger, demerger, branch or universality transfer, merger in English way …
He intervenis in the different stages of these operations, precontractual (letter of intent, due diligence, negotiation,..), contractuaI (offer, contract,…) and post-contractual (closing, guarantee,…).

He assists clients in the operations of Leverage Buy Out (LBO) and Management Buy Out (MBO).