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Gaëtan Van Elder

Gaëtan Van Elder

Gaëtan Van Elder - Lawyer and founder of the firm

I obtained my law degree cum laude (U.C.L. - 1996), and have a complementary master in the notary profession(U.C.L. -1997) and have a degree in Fiscal Sciences (Ichec – 2001).

I started my career in different Notary offices. I first had the function of first clerk  and had the chance to be the close councillor of clients for private and professional questions.   The key element was to assist in the realization of projects and the looking for solutions in different legal fields.  In that way I could develop my capacities of hearing and empathy as well as a broader vision of the management of a file.

This experience highlighted the growing importance and the complexity of the fiscality and hence I chose to deepen my knowledge through studies in Fiscal Sciences.

Strengthened by this new baggage, I then chose to join tax consultants, first PwC en later Deloitte.

I had the chance to manage tax and legal files, in a Belgian and international context, for SME’s, multinationals, financial institutions, governmental organizations or on the level of personnel, in particular for questions of real estate management, patrimonial planification, governance and restructuration.

My lawyer fibre pushed me a few years later to come back to a structure where I could also perform other aspects of the profession of which the defense in front of civil, commercial and fiscal courts. Thus I joined in 2009 a law firm as partner, and founded en developed GVA in 2011.
The approach and vision of GVA were obtained by these pragmatic and human experiences, and technically shaped by the side of famous practitioners like André Culot, Thierry Blockerye, Kurt Debrier, Michel Grégoire.
I am member of the committee of the magazine « le Recueil Général de l’Enregistrement et du Notariat » and author of numerous publications and conferences. I regularly speak at seminars and professional organizations.

I was also in charge of lectures at the Executive Master en Gestion Fiscale de la Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management where I taught a class of international fiscality with the title « Résidence fiscale et fiscalité des revenus et du patrimoine »